Acrostic Poetry

No Ambiguity

Does not the sky obscure the worlds afar,
Insuring all gods who abide in light?
Summered have we on planet Earth so far;
And we know what’s hard here is for them light.
Mothers have sure mothered billions of souls;
But who begot the first mother d’you know?
Inside insides lies what now makes us whole;
Gyrates the Earth, but do we see that, foe?
Umpteen number of times have you been told
About the magic that I have beheld.
Tears in my eyes you did see but stayed cold
Insisting what’s seen not can’t be true held.
Oh, dearest foe, you can eye what eyes show!
Not what the truth is; I’ve given a go.

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Image by Heri Santoso from Pixabay

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