Acrostic Poetry

No Ambiguity

Does not the sky obscure the worlds afar,
Insuring all gods who abide in light?
Summered have we on planet Earth so far;
And we know whatโ€™s hard here is for them light.
Mothers have sure mothered billions of souls;
But who begot the first mother dโ€™you know?
Inside insides lies what now makes us whole;
Gyrates the Earth, but do we see that, foe?
Umpteen number of times have you been told
About the magic that I have beheld.
Tears in my eyes you did see but stayed cold
Insisting whatโ€™s seen not canโ€™t be true held.
Oh, dearest foe, you can eye what eyes show!
Not what the truth is; Iโ€™ve given a go.

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Image by Heri Santoso from Pixabay

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