Acrostic Poetry

Happy Halloween

Howl many a wolf while dire darkness dawns,
Allaying fears of wraiths and ghosts, the like.
Play phantoms ’bout with kids who jump like fawns;
Penumbras soon emerge to cause a strike.
Yelps now the norm, just graves remain, no lawns.

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Hulloing spectres, people roam about,
And spooky numbers sung by beldams fright.
Lo and behold! Skeletons tumble out;
Lurk they in silence, rear the dead with might.
Owls turn their heads bizarre while children shout;
White figures laugh at this unholy sight.
Enigmas galore fox the freaks that pout;
Ends nother day, comes a sleepless night.
Naive men leave homes and become souls without…

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