‘I Get Story Ideas While Playing Video Games’

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It was a tour that author Eric Johnson took about a decade ago that inspired him to come up with his first-ever novel. In an exclusive interaction with the Literary Express, the author said that his debut book fictionalised the time he had spent in Afghanistan, a country he happened to visit ten years ago. The forty-four-year-old Maryland-based writer, who has an Associates degree in Business Management and Arts, stated that he had published twenty-three books and that his latest book is entitled ‘Operation Crescent Moon’. ‘It is the fourteenth book in the 2-4 Cavalry Series. It takes place in the future and is about a future conflict that the unit goes through in the book,’ he explained.

Eric Johnson

A ‘Pure’ Plotter

Letting us know that he almost always has the plot in mind before beginning to work upon a novel, Mr Johnson, whose favourite author is David Drake, divulged that he also tended to draw a character sketch so he might have a clear picture while taking the story forward. 

On being asked why he is fond of David Drake, the author said, ‘He inspired me to write military science fiction. Furthermore, the fact that he used some of his own experiences and research to flesh out great stories has always fascinated me.’ 

‘Consciously Decided to Become a Writer’

Be that as it may, the author, who writes whenever he gets an idea, told us that he had consciously decided on becoming an author because he had felt he could share his own view of the future and weave intriguing stories. ‘I just wanted to write books and share my thoughts with the world,’ he stated.  

Mr Johnson, who has thousands of followers on Twitter, also said that he liked playing video games as a hobby and that writing never got in the way with it. ‘Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing much, so gaming doesn’t get in the way. However, I do get ideas from video games on how to write a new story or get some concepts for story ideas through gaming,’ he shared with us. 

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A Story Set in the Future

Talking about his work in progress, he said he was working on a future Earth with the conflicts that happened on the planet. ‘It’s set in the twenty-eighth century, so I need to do as much research as possible to pull it off,’ he shared, adding that he already considers himself to be a full-fledged author.

The Parting Shot

Upon being asked if he had something to tell budding authors, he said categorically that they needed to persevere and just keep pushing to get those sales. ‘Find a way to revise the story or better ways to market. I myself don’t get that many sales, so it’s just how I feel as well for authors that don’t get high sales of their work,’ he stated, adding that if he had the opportunity to change something in the world, he would probably focus on making the environment better. ‘We’re responsible for our living, and environment and climate change is a serious thing to be concerned about,’ he said, signing off.

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