Acrostic Poetry

The Trouble With Having an Open Mind

The men who dwell on land theirs state they have an open mind;
No trouble may happen upon they feel; ‘We are always kind!’
Some biding with those men but sense there is something amiss;
They say they’re having a tough time; ‘A thing or two we miss.’
So Sunday we met an envoy to find what happed last week;
It is now out in the open, friends: The picture does look bleak.
Hope we that you would not mind if tales from that place were told.
Remember it is not part of your course; Listen, needn’t hold!

Someone who knew to fool quite well is said to have been there;
Ten dames and a few men that morning liked that someone’s hair.
That someone knew what the people thought, his job thus went too well;
On meeting them with a strong will, he showed a golden bell.
‘This bell is magical, so I insist you give it a try;
There is nothing to brood on, you will have hair as do I.’
The people coming from families that have open minds,
along with a few others, got carried away by the find.

They asked the price of the bell and gathered the cash demanded;
The man feigning innocence stood, trying to stay grounded.
A minute elapsed, and to the man they handed the cash;
He counted the notes and gleefully put them aside, came a bash!
Nothing could be heard but the sounds of the things thrown…
The golden bell was amongst those, in it nothing but a bone.

‘The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.’

– Terry Pratchet

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