Ode to Every Mother

What makes a woman a mother?
Oh, pain and patience will I say;
She sure knows not how to other
or to keep care and warmth away.
Oh! A mother hits not the hay
when her kids are hungry or sad;
Embodies love, for kids does pray.
A mother’s selfless, with love clad.

What all might her children bother,
a mother’s aware, out has a way;
She takes care of their loved father,
who oft brings home money, the pay.
The modern mother has a say,
for, without her, homes aren’t grand.
Fighting and winning every fray,
a mother’s selfless, with love clad.

Tending to her chores, a mother
complains not and utters no bray.
Oft playing the role of a father,
she may cry within, peace portray.
Restrained, yet taking charge her way.
A mother’s content, always glad;
Her glory being observed in May,
a mother’s selfless, with love clad.

Have you known the pain she’d felt by the way,
when she brought you to this world, my lad?
Better was she than those around and tougher, I so say:
A mother’s selfless, with love always clad.

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Image by Vânia Raposo from Pixabay

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