‘There Is an Adoring Reader for Every Story’

Author M Sheehan may have just one book to his credit at the moment, but he is well convinced that narrating stories to the world is something he will never stop doing. Telling the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction that his debut book is only a part of a series, which will comprise a total of seven books, the forty-three-year-old Canadian writer says that each of his books will go on to depict a century. ‘And the series will end in our era on the premise that somebody designed us to end up exactly like this,’ he shares with us.

M Sheehan

Travelling Back in Time

Talking about Skyview, Lord of the Wills, which happens to be his debut book and the first book in the series, the author lets on, ‘It is the fourteenth-century story of how the would-be reality designers began to put things in motion.’ Besides, he lets us know that he has already finished writing the second book, which, we soon learn, is titled ‘Alvero’s Secret, the Rise of Faolan, and the Painted Prophecy’. He tells us, ‘While the second book is in its editing stage, the third book is filling out. However, I have not decided on any title for the third book yet.’

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An Intriguing Plot With Characters Galore

On the question of whether or not he plotted Skyview’s story before beginning to work upon it, the fan of J R R Tolkien’s works answers in the affirmative. In fact, he tells us that he had the main story in his mind before penning it down. ‘I have created hundreds of characters and family lines that go back to the thirteenth century. I had to spend a few years researching the major events of each century to weave a story of control and manipulation through it,’ he explains.

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A Strict Disciplinarian

Living at Port Perry in Ontario, Canada, Mr Sheehan says he follows a schedule and manages to write something every day. Moreover, he says that becoming an author was something he consciously decided as this story had lingered in his head for far too long. Giving us a glimpse, nonetheless, of how he tends to spend his days, Mr Sheehan tells us that most of his time goes in taking care of his family. ‘I also manage my company affairs besides actively involving myself in book promotion and writing,’ he states, adding that he more often than not writes late at night. ‘I am also fond of sports, mainly hockey,’ he lets on.

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And the Final Message

Upon being asked if he would like to say something to budding authors who lose motivation if their works do not do well, Mr Sheehan makes an impactful statement: There is an adoring reader for every story. And, as the conversation draws to a close, he tells us about something very special to his heart: A review of his book by one of the most respected review companies – Kirkus. ‘They referred to parts of my book as almost Tolkien-like, which I thought was an amazing compliment,’ he states, bidding us adieu with a smile.

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