‘Indie Authors Don’t Get the Recognition They Deserve’

When Canadian author and entrepreneur Sara Louisa wrote a short story about three years ago, she asked her family to have a look at it right away. ‘At the time, I was told I should keep it up, so that is what I did, moving into a full novel,’ says Ms Louisa, speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction. With one published book to her credit at present, the thirty-seven-year-old mother of four children lets us know that she is currently working on a sci-fi fantasy that will be released as a trilogy. ‘I plan to begin writing on a full-time basis but also continue growing my company,’ she says with a smile. 

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The Book, the Drive, and the Game

Talking about her book Just Drive, which happens to be a suspense thriller, Ms Louisa says the main character Megan Patterson gets caught up in a thrilling but terrifying game. ‘And that is when she turns to a group of guys for help, for her life and the lives of her family become threatened,’ she lets on, adding that the book was self-published. 

Sara Louisa

While Ms Louisa, who enjoys reading the works of American author Linda Howard, did have the plot figured out before she began working on Just Drive, most of the story unfolded after she had put pen to paper. She also decided to self publish the novel, which made everything take off faster than she had expected. She says, ‘Being an author has since been an exciting surprise.’

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Adorned With Several Hats

As the conversation assumes momentum, we ask her if she follows a routine to which she responds in the negative. ‘However, I try to write every day, even if it is for a long time,’ she tells us. ‘So when I get an idea for the story I am working on, I tend to write for hours, even the entire day and night,’ she lets us know.

Be that as it may, Ms Louisa dons several hats: That of a mother, a writer, and a businesswoman. Hence, it is not surprising that she feels compelled to keep everything at her house well balanced. ‘As a result, I get some time in the evenings to pen down my thoughts,’ she tells us. And as far as her hobbies are concerned, Ms Louisa says she loves driving cars. ‘And I happened to incorporate that hobby of mine into my book,’ she quickly adds.

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The Ultimate Pronouncement

Upon being asked if she has an advice for budding authors who lose motivation if their works are not received well, Ms Louisa gives a clear-cut response: Keep writing. She goes on, ‘The more you write, the better you will become. Let others read your work, and be open to all criticism.’

Nonetheless, she laments that although there are several worthy authors with whom she interacts regularly, they don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. ‘I found two new authors that are amazing and are now my favourites,’ she tells us. ‘If you are looking for a new great read, try a new and up-and-coming author. You never know what you will find,’ she pronounces, bringing the interaction to a close.

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