‘Literature Is Love Everlasting and Love Not Treacherous’

Greek might be author Lito Seizani’s mother tongue, but her English is no less than a native speaker’s. The poet and short story writer, who has translated several works of Thomas Hardy and Giovanni Verga into Greek, tells the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction that she wrote her very first poem at the age of sixteen.

Lito Seizani

An expert in translation, Ms Seizani, who lives in Europe, shares with us that she has two unpublished novels in her kitty at present besides several published poems and short stories. ‘I have published five volumes of poetry in Greek,’ she lets us know, making it very clear that although she writes short stories, she considers herself to be a poet.

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Inspired by Her Own Poem

Ms Seizani’s latest book The Ideal Bench, which was launched lately, happens to be a collection of short texts on various subjects that largely deal with human characters, human reactions and thoughts on psychology, philosophy, and the like. The author, who comes from a family of writers, says it was a Greek poem she had written with the same title that inspired her, leading to the birth of The Ideal Bench. ‘I expanded the poem into a writing project on social media, and later, it became a book in English,’ she explains, adding that her other published book is a children’s fairy tale and theatre play about an Indian princess.

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While it is true that the author has two novels that stand unpublished, Ms Seizani tells us she is not very sure about her writing technique as both her novels are very different from each other. ‘But I guess I have an idea of the heroes, and then, the plot comes gradually as I am writing,’ she says.

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A Reader of Classics

Upon being asked what kind of books she likes to read, Ms Seizani responds, saying she has always preferred reading classics. ‘Dostoevsky, Proust and Thomas Hardy are amongst my favourite authors as well as the Italian author Giovanni Verga,’ she lets us know. ‘I love their topics, for they have depth, and they observe human nature from different points of view,’ she adds.

Joking she is not young anymore to divulge her age, the lover of books and movies, who juggles writing and a steady job, says she doesn’t believe in following a schedule. ‘Inspiration may come at any time of the day or night; therefore, I keep a notebook and a pen close by,’ she tells us with an adorable smile.

‘Can’t Make a Living Out of Writing’

And does she have any works in progress? ‘Well, I would like to write more short stories in the future,’ she states, going on to assert that she doesn’t think most writers can make a living out of writing. ‘I don’t want to disappoint anyone though,’ she quickly adds.

Nonetheless, she asseverates that although she considers writing a hobby, she tends to take the hobby rather too seriously. ‘I also contribute articles about literature and art for online magazines; however, I don’t expect anything in return but a moral reward,’ she says.

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A Powerful Parting Message

As our conversation draws to a close, the author, who wishes to witness a world devoid of superficial souls, goes on to make a powerful statement: Literature is love everlasting and love not treacherous.

And as a final word, she has a piece of advice for budding writers. ‘Each writer knows deep down whether a work is good or not. If you have doubts about something you have written, you can always try to improve it. Or you can put it aside and create something else, she smiles, signing off.

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