‘Poetry Is an Expression of the Soul’

Indie poet Daljeet Kaur believes in being direct, crisp, and to the point. And this quality of hers only shined when she gave the Literary Express an exclusive interview after the launch of an anthology of inspirational poetry titled ‘Catharsis’, which, on the side note, comprises three of Ms Kaur’s prolific works. Although we did find her answers pretty straightforward, the thirty-one-year-old came across as a light-hearted soul. Very much at the threshold of becoming a well-accomplished author, Ms Kaur told us with a smile that she felt jubilant to have finally become a part of the literary world, a dream she had cherished since her college days.

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The Much-Needed Catharsis

Writing, Ms Kaur clarified right at the start of the interaction, was not something she had wanted to make a living out of. ‘I initially wrote to fill up my free hours during my graduation days when I mostly focussed on inditing quotes and essays,’ she shared with us. ‘But being a literary student now besides a teacher, I happen upon several works that prove to be a great source of inspiration for me,’ she added with a smile.

Speaking about Catharsis, which has received rave reviews, the poet let us know that three of her poems – My Mother, Oh Art! You Are a Power and Oh Time! Wait for Me – had been included in it. ‘It is the first anthology I have been associated with as a co-author, and I am so glad it has become a huge success!’ she exclaimed.

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Worth the Words

Upon being asked if there is a poet that inspires her, she uttered the name of William Wordsworth, sharing with us that she had been reading his works since her graduation days. ‘His depiction of nature and social life is a marvel, and that is why I love to read his poems,’ she said.

Daljeet Kaur

While reading does consume most of her day’s time, Ms Kaur told us she made sure not to miss any opportunity to pen down her thoughts whenever she had an urge to do so. ‘But I am mothering a baby girl now, meaning I cannot follow a specific schedule. Professionally, I am on a break, for looking after my daughter is of prime importance,’ she asserted.

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A Lover of Mandala Art

What we found intriguing though was that Ms Kaur is not only a poet but also a renowned artist. Mandala art, we learnt, was something that had always fascinated her. ‘Besides artwork, I do a lot of reading and watching well-scripted movies,’ she stated.

Be that as it may, she also let us know that she very recently indited a poem on domestic violence, which was received well by many poetry lovers. ‘I am now thinking of writing poems on burning issues to increase social awareness. I want to keep writing to enhance my artistic skills,’ she asseverated, adding, ‘If somehow I feel confident about my works, I will think of becoming a full-fledged author.’

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And the Final Word

Over the course of the interaction, Ms Kaur made it very clear that she had never once written a poem to impress others. ‘Nor do I plan to do so in the future,’ she stressed, adding, ‘I think every poem has its essence.’ She also emphasised that we ought not to judge poems on any bases. ‘If somehow people do not like a piece of my writing, it is their personal opinion. To me, poetry is an expression of the soul,’ she explained.

On the question of what she would want to change if she had the power to do so, she spoke about the economic disparity that continues to bring countries to ruins. ‘I want everybody to get an equal opportunity to prosper in life,’ she said, signing off by asserting that she would tread the path she had already figured out and face the challenges that life has in store for her with zest and might.

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