Know Your Worth

Dwelt in a marvelous land
an old man and his only son;
Poor they were but happy;
Each night they’d go for a run.

It so happened one fine night,
the son opened up to his dad.
‘I am mocked at work,’ he said.
‘And called a worthless lad’.

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These words left the dad surprised,
for he trowed his son was great.
‘What’s going on, can you say?’ he asked.
‘So I may find out why this fate?’

The son so said with sadness
that his work went unrecognized.
‘At work I’ve shed sweat, you know,
but I am now marginalized.’

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The son did have a weakness,
and that was he took things to heart;
The father got the point quick
So he said: High time you grew smart.

It was clear to the dad thereupon
that his son was targeted by crooks.
Hence, he decided to tell a story;
‘Listen to me, no strange looks.’

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The son lent an ear right away
to what his dad said next.
A story quite profound it was,
which made the son glad fore rest.

“A man in the north lived happily,
fathering a son brilliant and well.
A lesson he wanted him to learn though.
So giving him a watch, said, ‘Sell.'”

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Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

“The son went to a shop nearby,
‘How much will you pay?’ he inquired.
The owner young examined the watch,
‘Not more than a paisa,’ he cried.”

“The son grew dejected after,
but kept himself going, you see.
Approached a larger shop then.
‘Cost this watch, please!’ his plea.”

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“This time the keeper looked shocked,
seeing the watch that showed nine.
‘I am sorry to tell you,’ he spluttered.
‘This watch ain’t that fine.'”

“The son but did not lose hope,
for he chose to try his luck again.
Went to a museum far and asked:
‘Can something from this watch I gain?'”

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“The man there took a second
to say something that shook the boy.
‘This watch is worth a million,
for it’s old and polished, an alloy.'”

“Without selling the watch though,
the son returned to his dad.
Narrating what transpired, said he:
This watch is not that bad!”

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“The dad elated beamed with pride,
went ahead to make a point.
‘Your worth’s fixed at the right place,
and that’s my sole viewpoint.'”

The story was now clearly over,
and the son thus hit the hay.
The father looking satisfied,
muttered, ‘But for you, I shall pray.’

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