‘Something About the Dark and Being Quiet Lights My Creative Fire’

Indie author Kristifer Ann may have begun writing just about a year and a half ago, but she knows deep within her heart that creating stories is something she will do for the rest of her life. In an exclusive interaction with the Literary Express, the fifty-year-old author of House of Marchetti fame, states categorically that she absolutely nourishes the goal of becoming a full-fledged author. ‘I just submitted the last three chapters to my editor for Rise of Marchetti, which is my latest book. I also put the first chapter down of book three lately. It is titled “Marchetti”,’ she lets us know, going on to exclaim, ‘These Marchetti men won’t let me do anything else!’

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The House That Brought Fame

Be that as it may, it was not until House of Marchetti gained such a large readership did Ms Ann consciously decide to become an author. This is not to say that her debut book Under the Stars was not received well, but the name and fame House of Marchetti brought is something that proved to be a turning point for the acclaimed author. ‘After the success, I consciously decided to continue the story,’ says Ms Ann, who is also fond of crocheting and colouring. In fact, she tells us she has a collection of over two-hundred different pens that she colours with! ‘I find that when I crochet, it allows me to clear my mind and work through writing issues in my head. Some of my best writing has come after allowing myself to decompress,’ she lets us know.

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Chronicling the Aftermath

Currently residing in Colorado, the United States of America, the author shares with us that book two of the Marchetti Series is titled ‘Rise of Marchetti’. She states, ‘It chronicles the aftermath of book one, House of Marchetti, which follows a Mafia boss and his quest for love.’ And upon being asked if she plots each of her stories before she begins working on a novel, Ms Ann, who doesn’t get much of anything done until she has her first cup of coffee in the morning, says that as far as House of Marchetti is concerned, she did have a general idea. ‘I had a few notes and potential plots written out, but all of that went out the window once I really got into it. I had a character that should have died in book one, but I couldn’t do it, his story needed to continue,’ she explains.

A Juggler of Sorts

Agreeing with us on the fact that juggling a full-time job and writing is not a child’s play, Ms Ann, who pets a cat that wakes her up each day, makes known that she herself is a juggler of sorts. ‘The juggle is real!’ she exclaims, adding, ‘I have a day job that is very demanding; but when my day ends, I make sure that I completely walk away.’ She quickly adds, ‘I have learnt that discipline comes into play a lot, such as not staying up till three or four in the morning when I know I have to log in for work at eight.’

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Igniting the Creative Fire

And when does she prefer to write? ‘Evenings,’ she responds. ‘Something about the dark and being quiet lights my creative fire,’ she tells us, adding that she doesn’t follow a schedule per se. ‘But I have set boundaries with friends and family to allow myself room to write without interruptions. I have notes everywhere, on my bathroom mirror, notes on my phone, on my desk,’ says Ms Ann, who calls American author Dean Koontz her go-to guy if she feels crept out. ‘And I’m obsessive about notebooks. So even if I’m not writing, I’m still writing,’ she adds.

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‘Get Yourself an Editor’

When we ask her if she has got any pieces of advice for budding authors, she gives us a crisp answer: Get yourself an editor and learn to recognize constructive feedback versus professional jealousy. She also asserts that it is important for one to find faith in oneself. ‘The first step is always hardest, but once you take that step, it’s liberating,’ she asseverates. Ms Ann also opines that people today prefer talking more and listening less. ‘We miss the important things when we don’t listen, don’t we?’ she asks us, before signing off with a beautiful smile.

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