Ekphrastic Poetry

Autumn Is Beginning

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

Glimmers sun ours as the day looks bright
though the clouds float like spirits unbound;
Autumn is beginning, for the leaves seem light,
hues they sport unclear and unfound.

Trees with leaves coloured let through arm sea’s,
wide, illumined, showing us the bight.
Stones beneath our feet we hardly see;
What we witness is the tranquil sight.

Birds nowhere and not a man nearby,
Breathing ours we hear loud and clear.
River as if silenced by a cry
flows with sound that seems now far, not near.

Leaves some orange and some yellow shine,
letting light to pierce the friendly air;
Scatters sun ours flare its with a sign,
sign that tells us stories true and fair.

Would that day this stayed forever here,
thereby making me a peaceful seer.

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