Ekphrastic Poetry

Seagulls, Ships, and the Sun

Image by Bingo Naranjo from Pixabay

A seagull he was then,
Soaring up in the clear sky.
His mates frolicking with him,
Looked at two ships nigh.

The Sun was shining when
To those ships he said buh-bye.
He saw them part their ways;
And just let out a sigh.

Passed away minutes ten,
Things went high and dry.
Water was all around though;
Sheer emptiness came by.

Clouds gathered again,
The Sun kept shining high.
Men went missing soon;
No idea how and why.

The ships now without men
Seemed eerie and awry.
The seagull soon heard a wren,
A wren that let out a cry.

A warrior who practised Zen,
Knew a tale hangs thereby.
So he took some coloured pens,
Drew this image after a try.

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