In Memory of C M Turner


In the sky like a star all your life you shone;
What love is verily you to me have shown.

I tweeted, and soon you responded that day…
The discourse you enjoyed; what can I now say?

Responses that you gave allured me a lot;
Books you wrote moved my soul, to write well they taught.

In this world unreal you are there no more;
In my heart you will dwell, and my joy will soar.

Sad today my soul is, this feeling shall end;
Memories will stay though, oftentimes be penned.

With a smile contagious and words much thoughtful;
My spirits you lifted, shared stories soulful.

Now you lie sadly dead, your soul though is high;
In heaven rejoicing, but on Earth I cry.

Miss Turner I miss you, I miss you so much;
Can you hear me lament, read my thoughts as such?


With transience being real, people move on;
About you many think, some like me stay on.

It’s a loss hard to bear, your face comes alive;
Where on Earth are you now? Remember you’d strive?

Words you had were always magical you know;
You believed in caring, you to hate said no.

Your life was your message, that none can deny;
A message worth sharing, time for it is nigh.

You have left all of us, immortal you’re though;
My soul cries real hard, no place but to go.

Your writings writers loved, void now in their world;
Miss Turner now dead, her glory is unfurled.

To my mind I bring thoughts about her today;
How I miss conversing with Turner I’ll say…

Miss Turner you are missed, you are missed a lot;
Can you hear me lament, read my thoughts on spot?


On my posts Turner wrote every day, you see;
A cute dog she petted, it she called Clooney.

To each text that I sent, she nicely wrote back;
Once she said honestly that I had her back.

She laughed, rejoiced, talked about books and the like;
But her voice is now a memory that hits me like a spike!

I called her Miss Turner, that’s how her I called;
Many times we conversed, memories recalled.

Upsetting things seem, for she is far away.
Where is she at present can someone please say?

Only she can console what I call my soul;
Without her looks this world solemnly unwhole.

Words are all she once had when she was there here;
The words now in my mind can she see or hear?

Miss Turner you are missed, missed you are a lot;
Can you hear me lament, read my thoughts on spot?

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